Mock tests for PMBOK 6th Edition – PMP® – Project Management Professional certification – PMI

Freely PMP exam 6th edition - Situational questions - 400 Questions

Freely PMP exam 6th edition – Situational questions – 400 Questions

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What you’ll learn

  • The basis for passing PMP/CAPM exam – Most of the questions are situational.


These mock tests will support you to pass the PMP® exam. Most of the questions are situational, random, and totally based on PMBOK 6th edition, which is a major requirement for passing the PMP® exam. Do not hesitate to do it before your exam. Prepare yourself well. Questions were created on the reverse way from PMBOK, which more efforts were done on closing, controlling, executing processes, planning processes, and initiating, respectively. Usually, people study most of the times well in planning, but when is in executing or controlling their energy is lower, their yield is lower than expected. Your overall score will be given by knowledge area, where you can see your weaknesses.

Answers are given in the following format: “Ans. C. PMBOK, 6th ed. Pg 63 ( – Descriptions of the answer”.


  • Read PMBOK6 at least once. Twice is fine. Three is quite good;
  • Remember that PMBOK6 is your primary source of information for PMP’s exam;
  • Do not waste too much time collecting various books and materials because, in reality, no one can read all the books. Go lean, collect only what is required and really focus on them;
  • As per experience, I’ve used to read one process at a day (49 days);
  • 100 hundred questions answered a day;
  • Review the questions that you got wrong;
  • Note all of your scores somewhere, in this way can obtain your overall average;
  • Take exams from different sources;
  • Focus first on chapter wise questions;
  • Answer 3000+ questions;
  • Do not get a stuck reading on the same question for a long time. If you are not able to answer, mark it and get back afterwards for review. Your brain might be overwhelmed at this time;
  • Be careful when reading those questions which fry your brain. Make sure whether answers are referenced by PMBOK page or chapter;
  • Pay attention in the questions that say: “Which of the following items does/are/is NOT..”;
  • Attention at the difference between EEF’s and OPA’s;
  • Understanding the logical flow of each process, inputs and outputs which is very important for the exam;
  • PMP achievement is such a marathon preparation. Small daily work you will advance deeper. Each step counts;
  • Don’t be in a hurry to pass it. Patience and focus;
  • As long as you feel confident, better for you to pass the PMP exam;
  • PMP exam is not the end of the world as people around are used to say it. Focus and dedication you will obtain the results. Please, do not get stressed;
  • Just follow your own clock, no need to compare with anyone else;
  • Join various PMP WhatsApp/Telegram groups, it is a great way to keep the momentum, share and discuss and improve knowledge together with diverse members with different perspectives;
  • At least a day before the exam, close the book. Stop reading. You need to calm down and have enough sleep, relax which is very important to think logically and perform well in the exam;
  • I know how hard it is to prepare while you are actually doing a Job and having a family (of course you need all stakeholders to support to complete the project successfully, so manage them closely who has more power). You need to really analyze to gather non-value-add and time-wasters such as social media, movies and avoid or at least mitigate them. Instead, exploit those sources to improve your understanding of PMP concepts;

If you wish, you’ll do it; Enjoy the learning experience;


  • PMBOK 6th edition

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