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For the past few years, we’ve heard experts declaring each year as “year of the mobile Web”; each year trying to sound more convincing than the previous. But what is indisputable is the fact that the mobile usage of the Web is growing and evolving. As it evolves, so does the mobile user experience, driven by advances in mobile device technology. From better browsers on basic mobile phones or feature phones to the increased adoption of Smartphone and tablets, we deliver you designs which are designed with intentions that go beyond its function.

Devang Solanki focuses to design a mobile user experience that aligns to the needs and expectations of your targeted users. When I create a mobile website, I’ll make designs cross over into multi-channel territory, and with it, the need to maintain a consistent and integrated user experience across channels.

Mobile UI (user interface) is a very critical design step which entices and attracts mobile device users. We concentrate on the user’s experience when designing the UI; combining compelling, unique design as we maintain your identity. Understanding the colour combinations, current design trends makes Mobile Design attract all users and to provide the best eye-candy. UI designs are where you’ll find a myriad of creative activities, including graphics and layout design and more. They’re what we use with creative ideas, then exchange with clients fantasies, and subsequently deliver to front-end engineers as blueprints for a building.

Mobile-enabling your business processes can be a time consuming and expensive task. With so many different operating systems and devices, extending your systems into the mobile space globally can take a tremendous investment in manpower and in-house knowledge.

Devang Solanki would change that. You develop your mobile experience only once and then deploy it on any mobile device, from an iPad to an Android to a BlackBerry, at the click of a button.

I would let you quickly and efficiently target multiple platforms and devices, so you can focus on your web application without worrying about platform specification.

With me, you can:

Get your applications to mobile users faster
• Develop once, deploy on any mobile device
• Give mobile users the experience they expect on any device—from an iPad® to a Blackberry®
• Cut development and maintenance costs by eliminating the problem of mobile fragmentation at all levels
• Assure access to all the latest handset features as they are released

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