6 06, 2020

How to install brew in ubuntu

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How to install homebrew/linuxbrew in ubuntu 20. I am writing this post because there is no sufficient instruction or guideline provided even in brew.sh instructions are not working for me. Here are the steps to install homebrew in ubuntu 20, which made me successfully install and working. Open Terminal sudo apt-get install curl sh -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Linuxbrew/install/master/install.sh)" sudo apt-get install build-essential ==> Next steps: - Run `brew help` to get started - Further documentation: https://docs.brew.sh - Install the Homebrew dependencies if you have sudo access: Debian, Ubuntu, etc. sudo apt-get install build-essential Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS, etc. sudo yum groupinstall 'Development Tools' See https://docs.brew.sh/linux for more information. - Configure Homebrew in your /home/devang/.profile by running echo 'eval $(/home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin/brew shellenv)' >> /home/devang/.profile - Add Homebrew to your PATH eval $(/home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin/brew shellenv) - We recommend that you install GCC by running: brew install gcc echo 'eval $(/home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin/brew shellenv)' >> /home/devang/.profile eval $(/home/linuxbrew/.linuxbrew/bin/brew shellenv) brew install gcc   Continue updating

11 09, 2019

Branding Is Dead, CX Design Is King

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One of the toughest things regarding graphic/digital design is keeping track of the terminology. There area several words to find out, and definitions oft overlap. however don’t suppose for a flash that any 2 terms mean the precise same factor/meaning the exact same thing. Distinctions abound, abbreviations matter. So it's with user expertise(UX) and client expertise(CX) design, or UX vs. CX. the 2 disciplines area unit therefore closely connected, their variations therefore murky, that they're generally used interchangeably. Originally, the married woman umbrella was meant to hide each aspect of associate individual’s interaction with a corporation, however our clearly digital age sophisticated things. married woman is currently related to the standard of interactions between a user and a digital product, and 110 style has come back to embrace all the opposite encounters that someone has with a business. All alternative encounters—the scope is gigantic.

21 05, 2019

Learn Web Development Using VueJS

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Master Vue framework fundamentals including directives, interpolation, data binding in this Vue JS app tutorial course. Freely Learn Web Development Using VueJS - Online Training Tutorial Limited Time Offers Only What does it include? 30-day money back guarantee! Lifetime Access. No Limits! Certificate of Completion Last Updated: 03/2017 Languages: English Level: All level Video: 3.5 hours Lectures: 31 Description On the first glance, Vue might not seem any different than the other JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJS or Angular 2, but a look deeper might surprise you. Vue is a brilliant JavaScript view-only framework that is making headlines in the world of development. Vue comes with a simple and minimalistic core that is perfect for simple, single page applications that do not require heavy overheads. Vue works primarily on the ViewModel with two-way data bindings and is designed to be simple and flexible, allowing developers to mold the layer as they see fit. It does not require much [...]

16 05, 2019

Gatsby JS: Build static sites with React WordPress & GraphQL

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Generate super-fast sites with a WordPress backend & Gatsby.js, the future-proof framework that uses React JS & GraphQL Gatsby JS: Build static sites with React WordPress & GraphQL Includes 3 hours on-demand video 2 articles 1 downloadable resource Full lifetime access Access on mobile and TV Assignments Certificate of Completion Skill level: All Levels Students: 391+ Languages: English Captions: Yes Lectures: 28 What you’ll learn Increase your value and improve your knowledge as a front-end developer / React JS developer Create a static, server-compiled, content-driven website using Gatsby JS (with React JS & GraphQL) Learn how to use GraphQL and GraphiQL to query data stored in WordPress Set up WordPress as a backend to build content, then render the content as pages with React JS & GraphQL Deploy your Gatsby JS static website and rebuild whenever content changes using Netlify Contact/Consult/Hire ReactJS Development Experienced & Expert […]

14 12, 2018

Freely How to Release a Professional Beat Tape

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Walk-through for creating, marketing, and releasing a physical beat tape. Learn to keep your brand professional. Freely Learn How to Release a Professional Beat Tape Online Training Tutorial   How to Release a Professional Beat Tape, Walk-through for creating, marketing, and releasing a physical beat tape. Learn to keep your brand professional. Who this course is for: Beatmaker's trying to promote their brand Beatmaker's wanting to reveal their skill and musical talent  

8 12, 2018

Responsive Web Development with HTML5 & CSS3 For Beginners

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Responsive Web Development for Absolute Beginners. Build 6 Amazing Real World Projects.No coding experience required! Freely Learn Responsive Web Development with HTML5 & CSS3 For Beginners Online Training Tutorial Classes Limited Time Offers Only Responsive Web Development with HTML5 & CSS3 For Beginners, Web Development for Absolute Beginners. Build 6 Amazing Real World Projects.No coding experience required! Contact/Consult/Hire Responsive Web/Mobile Developer & Designer Experienced & Expert

5 12, 2018

Freely JavaScript Basics for Everyone Part 1 Online Training Tutorial

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Setup your development environment and start basic coding in JavaScript Development  Freely JavaScript Basics for Everyone Part 1 Online Training Tutorial  Limited Time Offers Only Contact/Consult/Hire JavaScript Architecture Development Expert & Experienced Includes 1-hour on-demand video Full lifetime access Skill level: Beginner Level Students: 1034+ Languages: English Captions: No Lectures: 16 Video: 1 hour Features Access to mobile and TV Available on iOS and Android Certificate of Completion What you'll learn students will learn what tools to install and use for UI developing and running javascript code and learn basic knowledge of JavaScript Description This is the first part of JavaScript basics course. It is free to course, the second part will be a paid course. There are many courses on the market, which take a couple of hours. But many students want to learn just the basics in a shorter time, ideally an hour. This is the exactly the approach of this course. Both parts take approximately [...]

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