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Devang Solanki is a world’s fastest known Martial Artist expertise in Kicks known as Dangerous Killer Kicker. Despite being a well drafted man he always finds to challenge his ways in Martial Arts with his innovative visions and mind scapes. This did lead him to find his solutions and enhances the creative aspects of IT Projects Consultant who equally is a killer combination with his consultation and developing management skills!

Devang Solanki has taught many Students as Martial Arts Master and has showed them the way of excellence and the creative upbringing in them. With the many Martial Arts Students and followers he still enlightens them and Most of them are today sharing the Top Leveled Position successive in life. Like wise Devang Solanki has been associated with many clients and has groomed many companies from very foundation to the most profit making companies.

His Unique Planning and Strategic Competences has laid several foundations in the IT Development World of being the most smallest to the biggest organizations. The design that he had provided had turned to be the most exotic and Creative led Web designs inspiring most of the Web designers till date.

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