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Free Agile Project Management: Scrum Step by Step with Examples Online Training Tutorials

Explained with examples based on the real world for scrum master, product owner, team and project manager in industry Free Agile Project Management Scrum Step by Step with Examples-discount Limited Time Offers Only What Will I Learn? Learn in-depth how to carry out all the scrum practices like the pros, such as Sprint Planning and agile practices like Release Planning for effective efficient project delivery Learn what scrum is and why it is so powerful for delivering projects on time Learn in depth how to use agile practices like Velocity, Capacity Driven Planning, Velocity Driven Planning, Release Planning, Kick Off Meetings, Continuous Improvement and more Learn how to improve running Agile Scrum projects in real-world scenarios. Feel confident in implementing scrum projects to a higher degree of quality in the real world for any product, business, service, or team $$$£££ Learn how to manage real-world scrum projects WITHOUT paying thousands of dollars for training Understand what [...]

Free PMP preparation course (6th edition)-35 PDU’s included

The full PMP online training package with 35 hours essential for PMI-PMP examination preparation Free full PMP training package with 35 hours essential for PMI-PMP examination Limited Time Offers Only Includes 36 hours on-demand videos Lectures: 124 Full lifetime access Access on mobile and TV Certificate of Completion Interactive Features 18 Downloadable resources 2 Practice tests […]

Freely HowTo Become a Project Manager Tutorials

Top 1% of Project Managers Teach You How to Become a Project Manager Learn Freely Howto become a Project Manager Online Training Tutorials Limited Time Offers Only Includes 40 minutes on-demand videos 16 Lessons Access via mobile Lifetime access What You Will Learn? How to Manage Software Developers How to Run Software Projects Description These days, it is impossible to start a business without technology and software. If you are a leader, an entrepreneur, a start-up or business owner, you need to know how to become a project manager, even if you do not have technical skills or expertise. Are you not sure how to do that? Luckily for you, this course will teach everything you need to know about what is project managing of software development in your company, without going too deep into the technical side of things. Become the Leader Equip yourself with the fundamental skills you need to make the right decisions [...]

Free Bitcoin Invest Online Training Tutorials

Bitcoin for Beginners – 17 Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Investment Course | Learn TOP Facts why you should Invest in the No1 Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) TODAY! Free Bitcoin Invest Online Training Tutorials Click on above image/link for more details of online training  Limited Time Offers Only Includes 1-hour on-demand video Lectures: 21 Full lifetime access Access on mobile and TV Certificate of Completion What Will I Learn? 30+ Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin Improved Financial Education. Defining money as a medium of exchange. Describe trusted third party solutions, and how you can eliminate them. Solid fundamentals of Cryptocurrency: Cryptography combined with Money in a digital form. What drives the value of Bitcoin Understand Network effects and the Bitcoin price volatility. Market Manipulation & Price Predictions Learn about Common misconceptions around Bitcoin When is The best time to buy bitcoins! When is The worst time to buy bitcoins! Factors That Influence The Bitcoin Price Supply and demand [...]

Learn Freely Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain Online Training

Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain Basics for beginners Learn fast about Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain Basics: Block Reward process, Block Validation Process, and much more... Learn Freely Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain Online Training Click on above image/link for more detail online training tutorial Limited Time Offers Only Includes 1-hour on-demand video Lectures: 15 Full lifetime access Access on mobile and TV Certificate of Completion What Will I Learn? Able to demonstrate key elements of Bitcoin miners and their responsibilities. Describe the security of the Bitcoin network. Demonstrate the Bitcoin mining process step-by-step. Understand the Bitcoin reward process step-by-step. Bitcoin transaction overview, and transaction validation process step-by-step. Distributed Ledger System, what it is and how it works Understanding Transaction Fees Market Manipulation & Price Predictions Requirements There are no prior requirements for taking this course. This course is explained in everyday English, therefore no technical background necessary. Description You might heard of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining, or Blockchain, but perhaps [...]

Free How to Manage by Delegating So You Can Achieve Your Goals

Work Smarter Not Harder By An Award Winning MBA Prof, Venture Capitalist, Author, Ivy MBA Grad & Successful Entrepreneur Free How to Manage by Delegating So You Can Achieve Your Goals Click on above link/image for more details online training course  Limited Time Offer Only Includes 1 hour on-demand video Lectures: 21 4 Articles Free Lifetime Access Web n Mobile What Will I Learn? Increase productivity by delegating tasks to employees Build employee morale by delegating the right way Develop employees by delegating and discussing the "what, why and how" of delegating Impress management by completing post mortem delegation reports Facilitate the delegation process using a proven 3 step delegation form completion process Requirements Some experience managing individual contributors and/or teams is good to have, though not required Basic PowerPoint knowledge is optional, but not required Description If you want to take your career to the next level by delegating tasks to others so you can focus [...]

Free Master Critical Path Method in 1.5 Hours for PMP & CAPM Exam

Understand all concepts of Critical Path Method in this short course to secure 5-10 Questions in PMP and CAPM Exam Free Master Critical Path Method in for PMP & CAPM Exam Includes 1.5 hours of on-demand video What Will I Learn? Solve Critical Path Method Related Questions in PMP Exam Solve Critical Path Method Related Questions in CAPM Exam Requirements Basic Knowledge of Project management and PMBOK Description With this Short Course, You are going to master all the concepts of Critical Path Method/Critical path analysis. At the End of this Lecture, you will learn following What is Schedule Network Diagram What is Early Start, Early Finish What is Late Start, Late Finish What is Forward Pass and Backward Pass What are the Critical Path and its importance What is and how to Calculated Float/Slack What is Free Float What are Lead and Lag Activities Logical Relationship and Dependencies Finish to Start Start to Start Finish to [...]

Free Change Management Fundamentals: Beginner To Advanced Training

Learn How To Use Change Management To Empower Your Organization And Take Your Skill Set To A New Highs Change Management Fundamentals Beginner To Advanced Click on above/image for more details and get enrollment freely Limited Time Offer Included  1.5 hours of on-demand video 1 Downloadable Resource What Will You Be Learning? Change Management Fundamentals How to Conduct Personal Change How To Conduct Project Change How To Conduct Organizational Change Recognize The Change Management Phases How to Formulate A Change Management Plan Change Management Plan Creation Why Early Changes Rock How To Implement And Support Change plans How To Review And Update Changes How To Update Business Processes How To Form A Communication Plan For Change Management How To Keep Engaging Stakeholders How To Share Knowledge How To Support And Train Change Recipients How To Work With Risks And Issue Management What Roles Are In Change Management How to Realize Business Benefits How To Create Urgency How [...]

Free What is LEAN or AGILE Business Analysis?

Understanding How Lean Principles Affect Your Requirements Discovery Process in Agile Software Development What Is LEAN or AGILE Business Analysis Click on above image/link for more details about totally FREE training Limited Time Offered Expired Online Training Includes 44 mins on-demand video 1 article Full lifetime access Access on mobile and TV Certificate of Completion What Will You Learn from Online Training? Understand how lean principles affect the business analysis and the requirements definition process Explain what lean requirements such as Features, User Stories, Epics, Scenarios, etc. look like in a lean and agile world Apply lean principles to known business analysis techniques Description Take the Path to LEAN Business Analysis (as it relates to Information Technology) In today’s world, you and your organization must be responsive, flexible, and make things happen quickly. You must do more with less – and faster. You no longer have business as usual, so why do business analysis as usual? With [...]

Free Agile/Scrum Reporting | Beginner To Experienced

Take your Agile reporting to the next level Agile Reporting - Beginner To Rock Star Click on above image/link for detail online course training... Limited Time Offers  Agile expert outlines a process for reporting on the progress of your agile project. Agile reports should be simple and easy to read and radiate information across the room to the entire team. In this course, Agile teams need a lightweight way to report their progress. In this course, ill show you how to prioritize the product backlog, update the task boards, and monitor your project’s health with burndown charts. You’ll also see the most common pitfalls, such as retrofitting and working with distributed teams. Duration: 1 Hour What you can Learn from this online training How to report with transparency to all your stakeholders How to groom product backlogs How to create a task board How to Manage A Task Board How do proper task board estimation How to [...]

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