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July 2018
30 07, 2018

Free Agile/Scrum Reporting | Beginner To Experienced

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Take your Agile reporting to the next level Agile Reporting - Beginner To Rock Star Click on above image/link for detail online course training... Limited Time Offers  Agile expert outlines a process for reporting on the progress of your agile project. Agile reports should be simple and easy to read and radiate information across the room to the entire team. In this course, Agile teams need a lightweight way to report their progress. In this course, ill show you how to prioritize the product backlog, update the task boards, and monitor your project’s health with burndown charts. You’ll also see the most common pitfalls, such as retrofitting and working with distributed teams. Duration: 1 Hour What you can Learn from this online training How to report with transparency to all your stakeholders How to groom product backlogs How to create a task board How to Manage A Task Board How do proper task board estimation How to [...]

30 07, 2018

Free How To Start Dropshipping With Shopify eCommerce store & Aliexpress

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Learn How To Create A Successful Shopify e-commerce Store Without Having To Go Through All The Growing Pains. Online Training Course Details Free How To Start Dropshipping With Shopify eCommerce store & Aliexpress Click on above image/link for learning/details of course Feel free to contact e-commerce Shopify store designer n developer 

28 07, 2018

Free PMP Exam Nutshell PMBOK 6 Tutorials

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Free PMP Exam Nutshell PMBOK 6 Ver.1 by Udemy Click on above link for more details and taking freely learning/training for PMBOK6 for, whose pursuing PMP certification. Learn exactly how to pass PMP, Covering Very Important Topics to Pass PMP, Study through Practices and Mock Exams Duration: 2 Hours What Will You Learn from the online training tutorials PMBOK 6 as nutshell knowledge which can be added on top of the current PMP study, Ready reference guide for filling gaps, obtaining mock exams which are close to the real exam, etc. You should have gone throughout PMBOK6, Project Management Professional - PMP preparations, ITTOS awareness for PMP Examinations. Description This course is prepared for those who are pursuing PMP certification. It covers the main concepts and standards of project management as a nutshell. It also helps to understand all about the PMP exam content outline. It doesn't mean that it’s a complete coverage of PMBOK 6, but its a nutshell of it. With [...]

28 07, 2018

Freely 2019 JavaScript Algorithmic Scripting: Basic Level

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Make your JS code & programs faster and more efficient by using JavaScript algorithms. Be very well prepared for technical interviews. Freely Learn 2019 JavaScript Algorithmic Scripting: Basic Level Online Training Tutorial Limited Time Offers Only Contact/Consult/Hire JavaScript(JS) Development Experienced & EXpert Includes 2.5 hours on-demand video Full lifetime access Access to mobile and TV Certificate of Completion What you'll learn Code out important algorithms in JavaScript Improve the efficiency, performance, and scalability of your code, applications, and programs Excel in technical engineering/programming interviews at both large companies and small companies Create your own, custom, algorithms that can perform whatever functionality you may need Requirements Basic javascript knowledge - this course teaches algorithms from the ground up Description This course teaches algorithms in javascript from the ground up. Using algorithms in your programming allows you to improve the efficiency, performance, speed, and scalability of your code/applications/programs. You will learn what algorithms are, why they are important, and how [...]

26 07, 2018

Free Crush Course Project Management For Software Developer

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Move into leadership and management roles. Learn how to manage software and IT projects effectively.   Crush Course Project Management For Software & IT Engineers Click on above image/link for details of the freely learning project management... Limited Time Offer Description The software industry is one of the fastest growing industries across the globe. As the software industry grows into unimaginable size, one of the most critical roles in the software industry is that of a Software Development Project Manager. A software project has many moving parts which need to to be managed as an entire stream of activities which must be completed in a nicely choreographed manner. Each of these activities has its own goals, schedules, resources, and costs associated with each of them. Without a Software Project Manager, it becomes next to impossible for the organizations to properly execute on all the aspects of the project activities and deliver the software to a client within the [...]

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