Check your readiness for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam with 2 full-length exams. All questions are realistic! (PMBOK® Guide v6 Compliant)

CAPM® Certification: Realistic CAPM Exam Questions- PMBOK®v6

CAPM® Certification: Realistic CAPM Exam Questions- PMBOK®v6

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What Will I Learn?

  • Pass the CAPM® Exam!
  • Be prepared well on what to expect for the actual exam.
  • Solve high-quality realistic exam questions.


  • Interest in Project Management
  • A computer with internet


Note: All of the CAPM exams are updated according to PMBOK 6th version!

In this course, you will find 2 full-length CAPM® exams which are prepared according to PMBOK v6. All of the questions in full-length exams are high-quality, realistic exam questions. After solving all of them, you will be perfectly prepared for the CAPM® exam.

Full-length exams include 150 questions each just as real exam!


You may find lots of sources for exam questions. But unfortunately, most of them are designed for PMP exam, not for CAPM exam. Yes, CAPM exam’s content is the same as the PMP exam, but it doesn’t mean that exam questions are similar to each other.

PMP exam is more complicated, and most of the questions are designed so that you comment on them. For example in the PMP exam you will find lots of questions like: “You are a project manager,………., what should you do in this situation” or something like that. But there will be fewer questions like that in CAPM exam.

CAPM exam is more likely to have questions like: “Which process group is it?” or “What do you need for …………” kind of questions. Unlikely to PMP exam questions, they are more straightforward.

What happens if you solve PMP exam questions instead of CAPM exam questions? Well, first of all, you will lose your time by trying to answer some complicated questions designed only for PMP exam; I call this questions “PMP type questions.” And second, your morale may get down when trying to solve this kind of questions.

But don’t worry, this is the right place for you! In this course, all of the PMP type questions are eliminated. Therefore, you will not lose your time by trying to solve that kind of questions. OK, now let’s look at what we have in this course.

There are 2 full-length exams in this course. Each exam includes 150 high-quality questions in the simulation format. All of the questions are realistic CAPM exam questions. Please, try to solve all of the questions in 3 hours.

For the both of the exams, you have 2 options: You may either solve them in simulation format or Video format. If you feel ready to take the CAPM exam, it is better for you to solve it in the simulation format. You need to complete each exam in 3 hours. The passing grade for the first exam is 70%, and the passing grade for the second exam is 75%.

If you feel like you need to study a little bit more, then you may solve the exams in Video format. Again all of the questions are realistic CAPM exam questions. Please try to solve all of the questions in 3 hours.

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Who is the target audience?

  • Project management professionals who want to be CAPM® certified
  • Project management professionals who need realistic exam questions

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