1. Measure demand qualitative research
  2. Product development qualitative research
  3. Data-driven strategic decisions making
  4. Competitor Research, Website Metrics Age, Traffic Sources, Visitor Levels

So what are the benefits of market research?

1. Measure Demand Qualitative Research.

So no one has entered into such to market research.

The mind is to measure how much a consumer wants a particular product.

Number two is product development is which is also referred to as qualitative research product development

is whereby a company wishes to know how they made want to improve a particular product so that suits

a particular consumer demand.

3. Make data-driven strategic decisions for your company.

If you’re running your business you have to make data-driven decisions instead.

Instead of gut driven decisions each and every success, a Fortune 500 company in the world is data-driven.

Take for example Google Apple Amazon Facebook all of these companies are driven by data-driven decisions

not gut driven decisions.

So that to get the benefit of a proper market research and for his competitor research which once you

do or you do market research against your competitor you are able to know their Web site metrics like

who are the age they are targeting where their traffic sources come from and what are the best ones

for a particular website is receiving so much traffic you want to know the source you want to know how

much traffic they’re getting by then or by a month.

And what is the ideal demographic or age that they’re targeting?

So if you’re in a similar industry you can also target that particular age and also get that particular

traffic source.

So that to the benefit of being pro-permit could such it up to such.

So what would you want to learn how to do online research to learn research how to do research on consumer


And you also went on to produce such and at the end of this course we’re going to have a hands-on demonstration

of how you can do it effectively not just by talking but by doing it cutting seemed explicit.

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