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Freely Learn Advertising Excel in Marketing

Freely Learn Advertising Excel in Marketing

Learn Advertising Excel in Marketing, Be a pioneer in the world of Advertising and Communication.

Welcome to a new world of advertising and modern business communication. In this course, our Co-Instructor Sajith Ms will introduce a pack of quintessential topics about the basic details of modern advertising techniques and strategies of the marketing communication process.

We will go through the detailed topics of advertising, marketing communication tools, marketing communication process, personal selling, sales promotion, corporate communication, guidelines to modern advertising and more.

Life changing opportunities are waiting for you as you know that the technology and new innovations in business ideas are defining the world today. Future of our generation relies on technology and its approach to the public in various fields.

By taking this course, you can know all about advertising process in simple language and get access to various facts and real concepts of communication process with help of dozens and dozens of live examples and 100% entertaining and colourful illustrations, so you can analyze and compare different aspects of advertising and marketing communication in a remarkable manner.

All topics are aligned in a such a manner that it will be a complete asset to students who aspire to become multimedia professionals, students of advertising and mass media communication, marketing students and professionals, entrepreneurs who wish to boost their business, sales executives and all others who work in the corporate world and mass media industry.

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