Interactive JavaScript tutorial: the best way to learn JavaScript online

Free Interactive JavaScript Tutorial- Learn JavaScript Online

Free Interactive JavaScript Tutorial- Learn JavaScript Online

What You Will Learn?

  • The core JavaScript functions and concepts
  • How to build dynamic content
  • How to develop a website of your own


This JavaScript tutorial was developed with one question in mind – if you are a total beginner, what is the best way to learn JavaScript!, Learn JavaScript from JS Expert Theory alone is insufficient, as reading through a textbook is a dull experience, and hardly an optimal way to learn JavaScript or other programming languages. When you are confronted with large quantities of complex information laid out in textbook style, it becomes increasingly easy to forget or overlook crucial details that make your code work. That is why the learning experience in this JavaScript tutorial is interactive and has been carefully tested and tweaked to offer an involving, intuitive and fun way to learn JavaScript online.

An Interactive Way To Learn JavaScript For a Beginner

You will need absolutely zero coding knowledge before starting this JavaScript tutorial. Each lesson will include (1) a portion of an overarching story to anchor you in the learning process, (2) JavaScript theory to provide you with the necessary base of knowledge to perform the task at hand, (3) the task to test how well you understood the theory and to fully and firmly fix it inside your memory. And do not worry, if you get stuck on a task, hints will help you get to the solution. This learning experience will be seamless and interactive. You won’t ever feel like you’re back at school having forgotten to do the homework. Each lesson will build upon the previous one, and before long you will be able to code complex lines you couldn’t have imagined you were capable of writing. This way you will be able to learn JavaScript from the basics by merely following the JavaScript tutorial.

It’s Easy When You Know Where To Start

When you are a beginner, coding looks like an alien language and JavaScript just one of its dialects. Phrases like “console logs” and “data types” and “string interpolation” evoke nothing but confusion. A few of the chosen ones understand it, but not you. You would love to learn JavaScript, yet it remains far beyond your grasp. You may be right to feel this way – coding does require a particular set of knowledge and skills – yet you are wrong to think so. If you have the heart, the enthusiasm, the drive, learning JavaScript online can be quite natural IF you pick the right starting point! This JavaScript tutorial combines programming theory with interactive content and storytelling to offer you the best way to learn JavaScript.

JavaScript Is More Popular Than Ever

It would be a challenge to find a web developer who does not know JavaScript. It is one of the most popular programming languages right now and a core technology for developing websites. JavaScript makes websites interactive and dynamic. JavaScript is – in a sense – the face of the web. So if you are an absolute beginner who wants to acquire skills for developing interactive web pages, the first thing you do is learn JavaScript.

Learn JavaScript Here And Now

You’re in luck! This is the Javascript tutorial for you – start from the basics, follow the story and the lessons in the JavaScript tutorial, acquire skills step by step, apply and test your newly gained knowledge, and soon you will be able to develop your website. Do not hesitate, complete the JavaScript tutorial and you’ll be able to leave your mark on the web!


  • No pre-knowledge is required – enthusiasm is all you need!
  • A PC or Mac is required. Mobile not supported yet;
  • No special software is required in advance of the course.

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