Freelancer VueJS Developer

Freelancer VueJS Developer
18 06, 2019

How to Update Node.JS on Windows 10

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  Its always to time-consuming & risky task to update/upgrade Node.Js to latest version without impacting any JavaScript Frameworks like Angular, React.JS, Vue.JS, Svelte.JS, Gatsby.JS projects. I have found an alternative to the manual process to little bit automated process. For that... I have started exploring "SCOOP". You all might be wondering. What is Scoop While Scoop can fetch and install packages from the internet to get you up and running with the open-source tools you need it on Windows machine, it feels a lot more like the venerable Homebrew. Homebrew was one of Scoop’s inspirations—and it shows, with a one-command installation (two if you need to make a small Windows config change) that gets you 100% auto setup / guided. The key difference between Scoop and Chocolatey that made me a Scoop fan was the fact that, by default, it installs all its packages into a scoop directory right off your user folder. This allows it to run without [...]

21 05, 2019

Learn Web Development Using VueJS

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Master Vue framework fundamentals including directives, interpolation, data binding in this Vue JS app tutorial course. Freely Learn Web Development Using VueJS - Online Training Tutorial Limited Time Offers Only What does it include? 30-day money back guarantee! Lifetime Access. No Limits! Certificate of Completion Last Updated: 03/2017 Languages: English Level: All level Video: 3.5 hours Lectures: 31 Description On the first glance, Vue might not seem any different than the other JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJS or Angular 2, but a look deeper might surprise you. Vue is a brilliant JavaScript view-only framework that is making headlines in the world of development. Vue comes with a simple and minimalistic core that is perfect for simple, single page applications that do not require heavy overheads. Vue works primarily on the ViewModel with two-way data bindings and is designed to be simple and flexible, allowing developers to mold the layer as they see fit. It does not require much [...]

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