Vue.js – The Progressive JavaScript Framework.

Devang Solanki has been working and exploring since 2017.

Why VueJS JavaScript Framework using for Single Page Application/Web/Mobile Developments

over the last 10+ years, web pages have become more dynamic and powerful and thanks to JavaScript.

We have moved a lot of code that was normally on the server side into our browsers, leaving us with thousands of lines of JavaScript code connecting to various HTML and CSS files with no formal code organization.

That’s the main reason, why more developers are using JavaScript MVVM frameworks like Angular2, ReactJS or VueJS.

Vue is an approachable, versatile, and performant JavaScript framework that helps you create a more maintainable, and testable code base.


  • Data Binding
  • Watchers & Computed Properties
  • Conditionals & Loops
  • Events & Methods
  • Vue Components


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