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Food MultiVendors Portal Designing & Development2019-05-26T08:45:59+00:00

Project Description


Technologies: WordPress, WooCommerce, Ionic & Angular2 JS

Domains: Food, Medical

Project Overview: Food/restaurants single-point solutions for endpoint Multivendor solutions and end user, whose looking for online food and beverage online orders system.

Food MultiVendors Portal Features:

  • MultiVendors individual store listing/page
  • Inventory management
  • Booking for Resturants maintenance requirements
  • Role Vise Access
  • Individual dashboard
  • Artificial Intelligence – AI Chat Boat
  • Email Notifications
  • PDF Invoice
  • Sales Reports

Technical Features

  • Preloading Web/Mobile Apps
  • Responsive Web/mobile Designing & Development
  • Progressive Web Apps – PWA

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence – ) Chat Boat for online orders/shopping.

Team Size: 1 Person

Duration: 2 Months

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