What is NodeJS?

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Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser, A runtime environment for executing JavaScript codes.

Generally, NodeJS to build back-end services, which called API ( Application Programming Interface ). Web app – running in web browsers and Mobile App – running in mobile devices are interacting with users with back-end services/cloud computing to store data, send an email, push notification and workflow.

Node JS is building highly-scalable, data-intensive and real-time back-end services to power up web/mobile applications.

You might have a question that,  they are other paid & opensource technologies available like DotNet, PHP, Ruby on Rail, Java, Python etc.

Why Use Node? NodeJS Features

  1. Node easy to get started

  2. Great for prototyping and agile development

  3. Building Superfast and highly scalable services

  4. JavaScript everywhere ( If you know JS then no need to learn new programming language )

  5. Clean and more consistent & fewer lines coded application ( Front/Back-end using JavaScript )

  6. Large ecosystem of opensource libs

NodeJS used by Large companies like PayPal, Uber, Netflix

NodeJS Well Known Benefits

  • Built twice as fast with fewer people
  • 33% fewer line of code compared to other back-end service development technologies
  • 40% fewer files structures
  • 2x Request/per sec serve the application
  • 35% faster response time to end users

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