New Facebook fad: Quitting it

New Delhi, May 14 — The tech world is buzzing with the new FaceBook fad. No, it does not involve hanging out on FaceBook or a new application which has caught everyone’s fancy; instead many users are deleting their facebook account citing privacy concern.

Several high profile technology pundits and celebs are kicking the world’s number one social networking site to the curb. Meanwhile, FaceBook is making it difficult for users to delete their accounts.

Most users feel uncomfortable that their personal information is being sashayed on the internet and complain that adjusting their privacy setting is far too complex. Recently a glitch in the chat functionality gave access to people to view the user’s conversations.

Interestingly, a back up plan may already be in place for ex-Facebookers- ‘Diaspora’. A group of programmers have already raised $100,000 for their Diaspora project which they call “an open source personal web server that will put individuals in control of their data.”

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